Forums - Troubleshoot Norton Backup error

  • Mon 19th Mar 2018 - 5:44am

    Launch Norton Software
    Go to settings option
    Under Setting, click under Detailed and then choose Backup settings
    Click Configure option available near Manage Backup
    On the Summary tab, find Things you can do and then click on Create New Backup
    Type a name for creating a new backup set and click OK once done
    On the “What” option> Backup Sources and check for the drivers or My Documents from where you want to restore your files and folders
    Next, choose the file categories from File Types that you want to restore
    Unmark the file or folders that you don’t want to create the backup for
    For adding more files and folders, click on Add or excluder file or folders and next click on Include file or folder to create backup
    Look for the ‘Where’ tab and ensure that you have selected the correct storage location
    Now confirm the action by clicking on Save Settings
    Click on Run Backup to start the process
    After completing all the steps, wait for a while as the backup might take several minutes (also depending on the speed of your internet connection). On the other hand, you can also fix Backup error by reversing the process or simply by deleting your old backup set.

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